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Vladimir Chumakov Orleansky Gallery

  • From Paradise To Paradise

    Vladimir Chumakov Orleansky

    Vladimir Chumakov Orleansky

    Vladimir Chumakov Orleansky

Exhibitor Details

Gallery - Vladimir Chumakov Orleansky
Artist - Vladimir Chumakov Orleansky
Country - Russia



Each of my paintings is made of three components: Fundamental idea, a subject. Form of expression, artistic means. Humor, grotesque, illogic and absurd elements. My earthly life lasts for a long time. During this time I managed to see, to hear, to touch, smell and read a variety of things. I believe that sence of humor was given me at birth, therefore I don't have to search for the new painting ideas, they barge in my head when they pleased. My only task is to open the door and let them into the house. I clearly see how different they are: scenes of greek mythology and the Bible, historical events, philosophical concepts, relationships between people, traveler's emotions or just a portrait of a person engaged in their professional activities. But already the ideas comes dressed in clown outfits. They are known for the thousands of years, but this specific and unusual way they comes to me. I wonder why no one had seen it before!

Now I have to place them hospitably. Hear them were given space of the blank canvas. Well, why wouldn't they sit quietly, but they are capricious. They make demands. Each of the ideas require a special find for her pictorial language, technique, composition, colors, light and shade. Some ideas want to be dressed in gold, others rather prefer metal Brabant lace. The idea of death wants to dress darker, and Jesus - unassuming. He is fortiori surprised how I got into this carnival. And they all share one wish to be fun and easy, delivering viewer aesthetic pleasure.

So, I have been working on a painting a few months. Hundreds of sketches and dozens of squaremeters of etudes are left behind. Well, that's another story created! It seems I've pleased them all. Ideas satisfied by incarnation into a visual image. The founding fathers of the school of Byzantine iconography sleep peacefully, I took their baton - gold flows like a water. Founders of the Russian XX century 20's avant-garde creative association does not stay resentful as well - there are plenty of absurd and illogical conclusions. Moreover, there is tribute to the founders of Art Deco.

What viewer sees, standing in front of a painting? Three emotionally-semantic layer opens to him. First, overall image and aesthetics of shape. Funny, humorous and absurd details then. And only after some time there opens the main philosophical contrivance that I put into original picture. Were you able to see all three components in each of the paintings? Then, my most important task is executed.



Born in 1962 in Moscow ( Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ). In 1979 he finished secondary art-school in Moscow . in 1990 has graduated from the Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art (Stroganovskoye) (Department of Interior and Equipment). Since 1989 member of the Union of Designers of the USSR, from 2006 member of the Union of Designers of the Russian Federation. Since 2008-G.B.MORONY Prize winner (Italy).